Midterm Deceptions – September 2014

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With midterm elections coming in November, FlackCheck.org takes a closer look at some of the common patterns of deception in political advertising.
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President Obama’s Executive Overreach


Republican Rep. Bob Goodlatte and Democratic Rep. Xavier Becerra make misleading statements about executive overreach on Fox News Sunday.
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The Proposed Minimum Wage Increase – May 2014

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FlackCheck.org takes on some misleading claims regarding potential job loss and President Obama’s proposed minimum wage increase.
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White House Pay Gap


Does the White House pay its female employees less than male employees in comparable positions? FlackCheck.org breaks down this repeated claim.
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The Facts on Obamacare Claims – April 2014

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FlackCheck.org addresses misleading claims regarding the Affordable Care Act from conservative group Americans for Prosperity as well as President Obama.
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Video Wire: March 2014

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FlackCheck.org sifts through the claims and counter-claims and offers some facts about the proposed Keystone XL pipeline.
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Video Wire: February 2014

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FlackCheck.org offers a fact check on a popular — but inaccurate — Republican talking point regarding a recent CBO report.
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Video Wire: State of the Union 2014

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FlackCheck.org offers a closer look at some of President Obama’s 2014 State of the Union address claims.
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Video Wire: January 2014

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FlackCheck.org offers a look at some problematic claims from both sides of the aisle on issues ranging from health care to the War on Poverty.
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Biggest Whoppers of 2013 – The Affordable Care Act


FlackCheck.org offers a look a FactCheck.org’s biggest Whoppers of 2013 about the Affordable Care Act.
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